Our Quality Policy

For 30 years Kuzenler Textile has been playing an important role to the Turkish textile sector.

We said that “Kuzenler Textile = Quality + Work + Pleasure + Honesty = Fabric.

Kuzenler Textile has always been one of the pioneers of the industry with collections they have created in every season and continues to do without compromising it.Our company, which produces 100% cotton or blended fabrics, weaving, lycra, digital print, Rotation Print, jacquard and knitted shirts for men and women; in the standards which are accepted by the world, takes place in domestic and external industry with love and respect.

Our firm, which knows the importance of exporting very well, has been successful taking production capacity to the upper levels with its successful demonstration in domestic and international textile fairs.We can produce all kinds of yarn numbers in male and female shirt fabrics (50/1, 60/1, 70/1, 80,2 100/2, 120/2 etc.).

We prepare two big collection in original designs every summer and winter season and also, we can prepare private collections with the request of our special customers.